Dating coca cola bottles

Dating coca cola bottles

Coca-Cola Supports Indigenous Education","mobile": Some of the larger glass manufacturers made Coke bottles and other soda bottles such as Pepsi, etc for hundreds of different cities around the United States. Skip to main content. Are there ANY markings of any kind along the lower heel area of the bottle? Think over your own lifetime and select a product that has been around at least as long as you. By the way, I don't recall how it ended up posting two of the same image. Based on everything we know thus far, when do you think this bottle was made? Post was not sent - check your email addresses! This item is in heavy used clean condition with. July 27, at 4: There are no numbers on the bottom, just the name of the town and a "C". Branding and rebranding may teach us something about how archaeologists date their finds in the field. Guaranteed Delivery see all. All times are GMT There is a small chance on the lip and a bigger one on the bottom.

Dating coca cola bottles - Glass Manufacturers' Marks on Coke BottlesGLASS BOTTLE MARKS

Dating old coca-cola bottlesCoca-Cola Collectibles, Bottles, The Coca-Cola CompanyVintage Coke Bottles, Collectors Weekly Results - of Vintage Coca Cola Bottle Japan ML Hobble Skirt Green Marked . Vintage Coca Cola Christmas,green,6oz,bottle,dated Dec (like discovering the system of date codes used by the Graham Glass Co.). Eventually, the questions concerning the development of the Coca-Cola bottle. Results 1 - 48 of COCA COLA Light Mini Bottle oz Europe Full Soda Rare . I don't know the significance of this, perhaps a purchase date?. Green Coca-Cola Bottles for sale, eBayGlass Manufacturers' Marks on Coke BottlesGLASS BOTTLE MARKSGreen Original Coca-Cola Bottles for sale, eBay the Coca-Cola trade-mark, other inscriptions that may appear, such as Dating and Identifying Early Coca-Cola Bottles: Focusing (Mainly) on Georgia and Florida Bottles Coca-Cola bottles until about The second line of evidence for this. Glass Manufacturers’ Marks on Coke Bottles GLASS MANUFACTURERS’ MARKS ON COKE BOTTLES For a little more info on some of these companies that are known to have made Coca-Cola bottles (including date ranges), please check the main “ Glass Bottle Marks ” webpages. THE COCA-COLA / COMPANY (both arched) / ALL RIGHTS / RESERVED (both inverted arches)” on the bases. The bottles have no manufacturer’s marks. The Dating Game: Tracking the Hobble-Skirt Coca-Cola Bottle Bill Lockhart and Bill Porter 46 September - October, Bottles and Extras. Dec 27,  · RE: Dating old coca-cola bottles From reading here, it seems asking how mch a bottle may be worth, is considered poor form. My friend that has a Coca-Cola bottle manufactured before the advent of the hobble skirt design, is trying to figure out it's worth.

Dating coca cola bottles - Timeline, The Evolution of the Coca-Cola Bottle, The Coca-Cola Company

Results 1 to 12 of 12 Thread: Guaranteed Delivery see all. Reference the list below with the one above. Not all glass companies always followed that configuration but in many cases they did. This item is one 1 limited edition 8 oz. The Art of Conservation", "mobile": Occasionally there could be a glassmaker mark along the heel that is very faint. Guaranteed Delivery see all. This site uses cookies. Teaching roughly years of history is no joke! One is marked Monsanto on the bottom. Here in California where I live, there are about variations. Skip to main content. FV connected, as shown ……………. Was the mark on each year. Town Names Until the early s, the town where the drink was bottled was embossed on the bottom of contour bottles. Great for train layouts and other miniature set dioramas. There is a song on the radio that has been bothering me. Vitro mark on commemorative Coke bottle, made in July 15, at 3:

Dating coca cola bottles I found this old Coca-Cola bottle in the woods right behind an abandoned house. This bottle Does it have a date or a location on the bottom?. Info about antique Coke bottles, including bottles for sale. bottles were Hutchinson style bottles - these are extremely rare and date before Examples of all 3 hutches can be found on the Antique Coca-Cola Bottle Hall of Fame page. Due to the date, this bottle is referred to as the "Christmas Bottle." The volume of Coca-Cola sold in bottles first exceeded that sold. Dating Coca Cola bottles, Brush off the dust! History now!Coca-Cola Collectibles, Bottles, The Coca-Cola CompanyCoca-Cola Bottle Vintage Coke Bottles. Related Categories. Auction Alerts. As impossible as it may seem today, Coca-Cola did not originally intend to sell its products in bottles. In fact, Asa Candler, president of Coca-Cola in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, assumed his drink would only be popular in spring and summer, and his business with soda. His collection has grown to include some straight-sided bottles and even some Hutchinson Coca-Cola bottles. Several years ago, he came across a straight-sided bottle from the tiny town of Buena Vista, Ga., dating back to or Coca-Cola is expands its packaging offering from the standard ounce contour bottle to include , and ounce contour bottles in the U.S., marking an important step in giving consumers packaging options to meet their needs. This video presents the history of Coca-Cola bottles that may visually help on how to date Coke bottles: It is quite a challenge to date these bottles. Spencerian script is .

Dating coca cola bottles

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Dating coca cola bottles Delight the historian in your family during the Hanukkah with a collectible that comes with a story. This firm probably made more Coke bottles than any other glass manufacturer, at least during the s and s. July 27, at 4: I remember in the mid s this old-timer bottle guy had a warehouse full of these 6oz. The bottles can be very valuable today, with the earliest in the series worth several thousand dollars or more in mint condition.

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R in a triangle mark used by Reed. Featured Refinements see all. No one has seen one like it. August 26, at 9: We have recently updated our privacy and cookie policy. This product is sold for collection or display. Here's the 2nd generation embossed neck logo 7up that is referred to The site would soon be overloaded with thousands of pictures, and would eventually make the pages somewhat slower to download, especially for those with older computers.